Involve your heart and soul in FLM-Haiti’s life-changing mission.

FLM-Haiti is an organization of U.S. volunteers who support, in Haiti, a K-13 school for more than 600 students, a community health center that provides care to hundreds of Haitian families each month, and literacy outreach at 72 sites in 11 communities that teaches reading, writing and math to some 2,000 young and adult Haitians every year.

Ninety percent of our modest, annual budget of approximately $180,000 supports the Haitian teachers, doctors, and health care workers who provide the humanitarian ministry that is implemented through the operations of our sister organization in Haiti, l’Alliance d’Action Chrétienne, or the Alliance of Christian Action. In 2012, we opened Excelsior Technical Institute to extend our mission of education to Haitians who need training for the hard work of rebuilding Haiti.