Originally occupied as a French colony, Haiti gained independence in 1804 and achieved recognition as the first nation of freed African slaves in the Western Hemisphere. Yet the Republic of Haiti today lags far behind most nations in its capacity to educate its citizens. Current statistics indicate that only half of all Haitians can read. As a consequence...Read More

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KD Guest House

For safe, comfortable, and affordable accommodations for your mission teams during your stay in Haiti...Read More


Except for the work of FLM-Haiti and a few other non-profit organizations receiving funding from outside the country, Haitian health care is essentially a privilege for the wealthy citizens of that poor country. Beginning in 2001, FLM-Haiti volunteers began to take health care to the people in the communities of Thomassin, Laboule, Boutiliers,... Read More

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Pray for Haiti Day

We are taking this opportunity to invite you to our annual "Pray For Haiti Day Luncheon" on Saturday, April 18, 2015.....Read More


Functional Literacy Ministry of Haiti is a Pittsburgh-based organization that has been working in Haiti since 1983...Read More

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