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Involve your heart and soul in FLM-Haiti’s life-changing mission

FLM-Haiti is an organization of volunteers who commit individual skills and passions to support in Haiti a K12 school for more than 600 students, a community health center that provides care to hundreds of Haitian families each month, and a literacy outreach at 60 sites in 11 communities that cultivates the ability to read, write, and calculate in some 2,000 young and adult Haitians every year. 

On a very modest budget of approximately $180,000 in the current year, we support a humanitarian ministry implemented by Haitian teachers, doctors, and health care workers through the operations of our sister organization in Haiti, l’Alliance d’Action Chrétienne (the Alliance of Christian Action). In 2012, we plan to open Excelsior Technical Institute to extend our mission of education to Haitians who need training for the hard work of rebuilding Haiti.

Fund raising

Raising funds to support FLM-Haiti’s community services in Haiti is done entirely by volunteers committed to this work.  The capital committed to our role in long-term building of skills needs support.  And the cost of the ongoing ministry has risen.

You can involve yourself in this ongoing work by holding a fund-raiser in your home or at your church.  Contact us if you would like to do so.  We will offer guidance for the event. 

Or make a donation now.

Lend a hand

If you live in or near Pittsburgh, help us to pack the medical and other supplies that our teams of volunteers take to Haiti twice a year.  Help us to stuff and seal envelopes for mailings we send to seek support and tell the world about our work.  Help us with the planning and service for special events, such as our Annual Banquet & Art Show.  Help us to share the story of FLM-Haiti’s mission through presentations at churches and other organizations (or invite us to come and make such a presentation).

To start, call Carol Williams at 412-271-1204 or e-mail

FLM-Haiti Ambassadors

Twice a year, FLM-Haiti organizes teams of volunteers to donate their skills as healthcare providers, educators, or otherwise talented ambassadors of goodwill for a week of work in Haiti at our school and clinic.  FLM-Haiti ambassadors fulfill an irreplaceable ministry by supplementing the ongoing work of Haitian staff.  Volunteers traveling with FLM-Haiti to Haiti offer specialized medical attention and week-long health clinics to the community, as well as special classes in school and churches and unique talents for beneficial work with Haiti’s people.

Experience the journey of a lifetime and volunteer to share your special skills and knowledge as a FLM-Haiti Ambassador.

Donate medicines and supplies

Volunteers seek donations of medicines, medical supplies, school supplies, bibles and books.  These vital donations arrive in Haiti with each team of FLM-Haiti Ambassadors.  If you have donations you would like to make or would like to work with us in arranging to obtain them, please contact us.

Housing for rent

FLM-Haiti will soon open a Volunteer Residence built upon the roof of the House of David Community Health Center in Thomassin.  Would you like to help us furnish it?  The Volunteer Residence will require as much as $20,000 to open with furniture this summer. Let us know if you would like to lend a hand with this project.

The Residence will offer spare accommodations and provide a necessary baseline of comfort, convenience and personal space for volunteers from elsewhere who come to Haiti to work in the country’s reconstruction. In French, the job of managing such an establishment goes to the maître d’hôtel.  Inquiries from committed and qualified volunteers are welcome.

If you would like to help Haitians to help themselves, please contact Dr. Leon Pamphile at

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