Founded in 1983, Functional Literacy Ministry of Haiti (FLM-Haiti) is a Christian nonprofit organization working with the people of Laboule, Boutilliers, Kenscoff, and Thomassin, communities in the mountain highlands south of Port-au-Prince.  Our mission provides a basic level of human services in the lives of people who otherwise would enjoy almost no provisions for education and health care.  In the spirit of Jesus, who ministered to the most needy and least powerful, our work provides hope in a better future for the people of Haiti.

The government-certified College Mixte Devaise Pamphile provides K12 education—and daily hot lunches—to more than 600 children. House of David Community Health Center provides medical care and offers health education to hundreds of Haitians each month. Sixty adult literacy centers in 11 communities provide reading, writing, and basic math skills to some 2,000 individuals each year.  Soon our ministry will open a Volunteer Residence in Thomassin to house individuals traveling to Haiti to work in the rebuilding of the country.  In a little over a year, we plan to open Excelsior Technical Institute to train Haitians with skills needed to rebuild their communities.

FLM’s operations in Haiti support more than one hundred Haitian teachers, medical personnel, and administrators. The future of Haiti lies in its own people, and to that end all of our efforts are designed with the goals of fostering leadership and problem-solving skills among those we serve, encouraging development of the skills necessary to seek or create employment, and making it possible for Haitians to raise their children to be healthy, productive citizens.

As a Christ-centered organization, we strive to develop relationships between Christians in the U.S. and Haiti. Twice a year medical and educational teams from the United States travel to Haiti to provide medical care and training, to offer a vacation Bible school, and to assist the clinic and school staff in setting and carrying out community health care goals. While all of our services are offered without regard to the religion of the recipients, we delight in the fact that our work makes it possible for Haitians and Americans alike to understand and experience the love of God.

FLM is an all-volunteer organization. Our funds primarily come from individual donors and from churches. We have a history of translating relatively small amounts of money into something miraculous. We have been able to acquire hundreds of thousands of dollars of donated medicines and supplies, and to take advantage of the donated services of our volunteers and groups like the Building Goodness Foundation.

The Functional Literacy Ministry of Haiti is incorporated in Pennsylvania, and its financial records are on file with the Pa. Department of State. We are a 501(c)(3) organization under the rules of the IRS. We do our work in Haiti under the auspices of l’Alliance d’Action Chrétienne, an organization certified by the Haitian government as a nongovernmental organization under its laws.

  FLM-Haiti Directors

Leon Pamphile,
Executive Director

Russell Bynum, President
Carolyn Russ, Secretary
James Strang, Treasurer

Rose Carla Aubourg
Elizabeth Bennett
Rev. James Edward Brown
Verna Crichlow
Esther Destin
Yven Destin
Edmund Fleming
Mary Gregg
Joan Johnson
Rozelle Pamphile
Smana Pamphile-Clerfé
Nicki Jo Perfetti
Joseph Plummer
Diane Powell
Susan Robinson
Gemma Stemley
Christine Tapu
Carol Williams

Alliance d’Action Chrétienne Directors

Duriel Clermont, Inspector
Father Yvan François, Consultant
Evince Fréjuste
Rev. Bossière Jérome
Pastor Roosevelt Jean-Baptiste
Rev. Devese Pamphile
Rev. Leon Pamphile

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